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So erreicht Ihr uns

Woodland Farm

Sörviken 320

83448 Hammerdal


Org.Nr.: 870326-8352


Tel/WhatsApp: 0046761050339

As we all know, there are many ways to Rome, but what about Woodland Farm?

... very similar....

You have the option of getting to our farm directly by car/motorhome etc. via the E45 in the direction of Strömsund or Östersund. It is about 20-25 minutes from the E45.

IMPORTANT, when you leave the road you will immediately see a yellow house, which is not part of the Woodland Farm! You must follow the road directly past the house to get to the property behind it, the Woodland Farm. We ask you to drive slowly because we do not want to expose our neighbors, especially their children, to unnecessary dangers!

Alternatively, you can also travel by plane to Östersund Airport (OSD), from where it is only about 80 minutes by car to Woodland Farm.

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