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Welcome to Woodland Farm

Get to know us better ​ We, that is Jacky, Ecki and our 3 girls, dared to do it. ​ We emigrated to northern Sweden to bring an old farm back to life. ​ You can not only follow us on Instagram, but also live and in color..... ​ On our website we want to give you a small overview of everything you can experience with us and what's new. Of course you can rent our tiny house or pitches.


What can you expect from us?

Well, in addition to the truly stunning landscape and isolation, we also want to offer you a certain amount of adventure in your stay.

Whether it's our almost legendary pizza evenings in our own bakery or boat trips to the most beautiful spots on our lake, fishing trips or simply relaxing and enjoying nature. We are sure you will get your money's worth.


Nature like in a fairy tale

Whether in summer or winter, the unique landscape of Jämtland enchants almost everyone. While in summer you can enjoy the endless greenery and the never-ending days, winter beckons with an absolute guarantee of snow and the chance of magical nights under the northern lights. When was the last time you celebrated a really white Christmas? The short but extremely colorful and powerful autumn also offers a very special charm.

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Get to know the wildlife in our area


Whether it's the moose around the corner or the herds of reindeer that sometimes appear in the middle of our farm in winter, the wilderness here has a lot to offer. Did you know that, statistically speaking, it's more likely that you'll come across a bear in the forest here than a human? But don't worry, they usually give us humans a wide berth.

You might not see a bear here on our farm, but you can look forward to our animals such as our goats and our sheeps.
It is much more likely that you will find lots of blueberries right on our farm. The forest that borders our farm is largely covered with blueberries, raspberries and lingonberries. Mushroom lovers will also get their money's worth, as is the case in Sweden.

Anglers also get their place too


Sörviksjön is located right next to the farm. Although it is large with its area of around 586 hectares, it is one of the smaller lakes in the immediate vicinity. However, something sets it apart. In fact, due to its special location, it is one of the cleanest lakes in all of Sweden. This of course also affects the quality of the fish. There are several bathing areas on the lake, one of which can be reached on foot in under 3 minutes and is right next to the farm.

The lake has an excellent population of perch and pike, and also has a good population of trout, grayling and whitefish. Fishing licenses can be purchased directly from us.
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